LuizLoyola LuizLoyola - 2 years ago 198 Question

How to change the style of a ProgressBar in VB.NET?

Is it possible to change the style that the current Windows set to the ProgressBar? I just don't like the normal ProgressBar of the Windows 7...

I searched many places and i just find how to change the color, not the style.

Answer Source

I don't know if it can help but it's just easy with the use of two Panel controls.. combined with this code: Panel2.Size = New Size((Math.Truncate(YourPercentage) * Panel1.Width) / 100, 12) The Panel2 must be inside the Panel1 and it's width must be zero in the beginning then dock it to the left. You can design your "progressbar" because it's a panel. You can change it's color, put a background image. Gives you more flexibility in terms of design compared to ProgressBar.

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