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Equivalent to null alt text for purely decorative videos

Our marketing department has made a new homepage for our site that uses a looped .mp4 file of people walking down a hallway that's being used as the background for our header/logo area. It has absolutely no relevance to the content and should be ignored by screen readers. Is there a way to mark a video (using the

tag) as purely decorative, similar to how you would use
<img alt="">

In terms of WCAG 2.0 compliance for the site, there is no sound to the video so captions/audio description are also inappropriate. Ideally I'm looking for a solution that can be used to claim Level A and AA compliance.

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Having no track element should be sufficient, but it's better to set the aria-hidden=true attribute on the video element in order to make sure that the screenreader won't announce the element.

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