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Volley slow and causing memory leak

In my project, I am using volley to download a JSON stream which I parse and show in a listview. I use the following method to load my data:

private void loadEventData(int year, final int month) {

// get volley request queue
requestQueue = cpcApplication.getRequestQueue(getActivity());

String url = "****************?year=" + year
+ "&month=" + month;

pd = ProgressDialog.show(getActivity(), "Loading Events", "Retrieving Data from Server");

JsonObjectRequest jr = new JsonObjectRequest(Request.Method.GET, url, null, new Response.Listener<JSONObject>() {

public void onResponse(JSONObject response) {

Log.i(TAG, response.toString());

// parse the incoming response
parseJson(response, month);

// notify the listview that the data set has changed

// set the listview at the top position

// dismiss the ProgressDialog

}, new Response.ErrorListener() {

public void onErrorResponse(VolleyError error) {


// cancel the progress dialog

// let the user know that a network connection is not available
Toast.makeText(getActivity(), "Cannot communicate with server. Check network connection.", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();


// add the network request to the queue


The first call to this method works beautifully. In the second call, I get a timeout error. When I use the following command:

jr.setRetryPolicy(new DefaultRetryPolicy(
2500, DefaultRetryPolicy.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_MS, DefaultRetryPolicy.DEFAULT_BACKOFF_MULT));

to increase the amount of time for the request, the request takes over 30 seconds and produces the following log output:

10-19 20:53:19.746: D/Volley(17523): [2786] BasicNetwork.logSlowRequests: HTTP response for request=<[ ] http://************ 0x63ea5535 NORMAL 1> [lifetime=41769], [size=5467846], [rc=200], [retryCount=2]
10-19 20:53:19.796: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_CONCURRENT freed 7462K, 26% free 24424K/33000K, paused 6ms+4ms, total 56ms
10-19 20:53:19.796: D/dalvikvm(17523): WAIT_FOR_CONCURRENT_GC blocked 51ms
10-19 20:53:19.826: I/dalvikvm-heap(17523): Grow heap (frag case) to 35.123MB for 10935708-byte allocation
10-19 20:53:19.857: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 3K, 20% free 35100K/43680K, paused 23ms, total 28ms
10-19 20:53:19.917: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_CONCURRENT freed 2018K, 19% free 35816K/43680K, paused 3ms+4ms, total 60ms
10-19 20:53:20.007: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_CONCURRENT freed 4874K, 15% free 37226K/43680K, paused 2ms+3ms, total 27ms
10-19 20:53:20.007: D/dalvikvm(17523): WAIT_FOR_CONCURRENT_GC blocked 24ms
10-19 20:53:20.067: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 5037K, 15% free 38601K/44900K, paused 19ms, total 19ms
10-19 20:53:20.117: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 4680K, 14% free 40045K/46564K, paused 20ms, total 20ms
10-19 20:53:20.177: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 5576K, 14% free 41572K/48272K, paused 20ms, total 20ms
10-19 20:53:20.227: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 6133K, 15% free 43406K/50548K, paused 20ms, total 20ms
10-19 20:53:20.287: D/dalvikvm(17523): GC_CONCURRENT freed 6486K, 15% free 45029K/52428K, paused 2ms+2ms, total 24ms
10-19 20:53:20.287: D/dalvikvm(17523): WAIT_FOR_CONCURRENT_GC blocked 11ms
10-19 20:53:20.407: D/Volley(17523): [1] Request.finish: 42553 ms: [ ] http://****** 0x63ea5535 NORMAL 1

When I perform the same request in a browser, it takes only several seconds. Why the delay and incredible memory consumption?

Answer Source

Every call to the method you create a new RequestQueue which is not a recommended approach. You should create one RequestQueue, probably a publicly visible singleton that is initialized once when the app is created.

Try moving the RequestQueue outside and see if it solves your problem.

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