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HTML Question

How to make a customized url for a html page

Website source:http://www.salefee.com/

I have a career section in my website which redirects to


I want that that my url should look like
I don't want any
suffix after my url. I have hosted this website using

Can someone help me with the code. The website is made in html/css.Thanks in advance!!

Answer Source

Create a subdirectory /career/ in your web files directory, and then put the HTML file index.html in there.

index.html is the default file that will be returned by the server when the directory level is accessed by the browser.

Also, for SEO purposes, add a proper <link rel="canonical" href="/career"> tag in the page header.

Static blog engines like Jekyll or Pelican do it this way too.

There are more methods to achieve that, via Nginx settings or Apache's .htaccess, but since you are on Godaddy you probably need a simple solution.

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