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JSON Question

Why dont open weather map api return data in android app?

I am trying to fetch JSON data from open weather map api with following code but it always gets fail. I dont know what exception happens and I always get null response as defined in the catch.

try {
//URL url = new URL(String.format(OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API, city));
URL url = new URL(String.format(OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API));
HttpURLConnection connection =


BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(
new InputStreamReader(connection.getInputStream()));

StringBuffer json = new StringBuffer(1024);
String tmp="";

JSONObject data = new JSONObject(json.toString());

// This value will be 404 if the request was not
// successful
if(data.getInt("cod") != 200){
return null;

return data;
}catch(Exception e){
return null;

Answer Source

Without, knowing how you are creating your URL, it looks like you are missing the city in your String.format

URL url = new URL(String.format(OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API));

Shouldn't it be

URL url = new URL(String.format(OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API, city));
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