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App doesn't work when downloaded from app store, but works in xcode

I've ran into quite an odd problem today. Today my app successfully got onto the app store. However, when I downloaded it I immediately noticed that the apps basic functionality wasn't working. It just hangs when trying to get outside information. I went back to my xcode project, ran it and it worked perfectly. I removed the app store version, and re-deployed the xcode version to my phone, and again it worked perfectly.

Did Apple do something to my code? The part that messes up seems to be a where my app creates a NSURLSESSION that is used to gather data from a website. Perhaps they "cleansed" the url strings that I use? This functionality that messes up is crucial to my app and hasn't been changed since I've submitted to the app store.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening or how to fix this?


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Just posting the "solution":

Edit your Scheme and set the "Run" build configuration to "Release". After saving that, clean the project (cmd+shift+k) and run again on your device. By default, that will make you run the app in your device just as it will be ran when published in the AppStore.

And yes, unfortunately you will have to wait another week for Apple to aprove your app's new version as it will go through the review process again. Good luck! :)

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