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Disable namespace usage is certain classes/files

I'm working on a plugin system for my CMS, inside my CMS I use namespaces a lot.
What I would like to have is that the developers of the plugins don't have to use namespaces inside their plugin, because they can be very complicated for developers who doesn't have used namespaces before. The main problem with the namespaces is the events which can be registered. Right now, plugin developers have to load an Event class using

use \events\Event;
, and if they just import the class they are still not able to use
new Event();
because it uses namespaces. What I would like to have is that they can just use
new Event();
(The class itself would be autoloaded by the CMS's auto loader, so no include required).

So basically, I would like to have namespaces disabled in certain classes or files. So
new \events\Event();
will just look like
new Event();
without removing the
namespace events;
from the

I hope I explained it clear, I'm not the best in explaining this kind of stuff.

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No. In other words, this won't work:

namespace Foo {
    class Event {}
    include('plugin.php');   // plugin.php cannot just do new Event();

That shouldn't be a problem really, since your CMS's plugin development documentation should be clear about the namespace usage and plugin developers would simply need to write something like

use Plugin\Namespace\Events\MyEventType;

to refer to MyEventType without needing to qualify it. Surely that's not too much to ask of plugin authors?

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