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RealmSwift travis build time

I'm using travis ci to build a swift project, but my build is rather slow.

the pod file:

platform :ios, '9.3'

target 'FlightAssistant' do
pod 'RealmSwift'

and my with cocoa pods cache enabled.

language: objective-c
osx_image: xcode7.3
cache: cocoapods

- xcodebuild -workspace App.xcworkspace/ -scheme AppTests -sdk iphonesimulator -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 6,OS=9.3' test

considerable time in the build is spent recompiling the entire realm database. total build time is 8mins right now. Is there anyway to speed up this process further?

Answer Source

Please try to change cache settings like the following:

language: objective-c
osx_image: xcode7.2
    - Pods    
    - $HOME/.cocoapods    
    - $HOME/Library/Caches/CocoaPods