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AngularJS Question

Unix text based browser with javascript support

I need to perform smoke-test of my AngularJS application on Unix, from terminal.
I tried accessing application from

  • links2

  • links

  • w3m

  • elinks

  • lynx

All above-mentioned browsers show empty screen. In most of them I am able to view source using \ (backslash), so I could do basic verification if application server works properly at least.

Is there any unix text browser with javascript support? I am not looking for complete support (so application would be usable).
It would be great to have ability just to view some elements of the page

Answer Source

Try to install libmozjs, then (don't forget to do a sudo ldconfig first) compile from the source elinks.

tar xjvf elinks-current-0.13.tar.bz2
cd elinks-0.13*
make -j8
sudo make install

Check after ./configure if ECMAScript is flagged SpiderMonkey document scripting.

p.s. Ubuntu 14.04 here.

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