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Spring Data Solr ConverterNotFoundException

I'm trying to configure Solr (with Multicore Support) in my application and I get a

whenever I try and register converters.

I've stepped through and can see the query being executed and documents being returned. Just the converters not being found.

I followed the example from the official docs here.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on what's going on as examples are hard to find and the docs aren't overly clear about adding converters when using

multicoreSupport = true,
basePackages = {""})
public class SolrConfig {

private Environment environment;

public SolrClient solrClient(HttpClient httpClient) {
String solrHost = environment.getRequiredProperty("");
return new HttpSolrClient(solrHost, httpClient);

public HttpClient httpClient() {
ModifiableSolrParams params = new ModifiableSolrParams();
params.set(HttpClientUtil.PROP_BASIC_AUTH_USER, "user");
params.set(HttpClientUtil.PROP_BASIC_AUTH_PASS, "pass");
return HttpClientUtil.createClient(params);

public SolrConverter solrConverter(CustomConversions customConversions){
MappingSolrConverter mappingSolrConverter= new MappingSolrConverter(new SimpleSolrMappingContext());
return mappingSolrConverter;

public CustomConversions customConversions(){
return new CustomConversions(Arrays.asList(new fooConverter(), new barConverter()));

public SolrTemplate solrTemplate(SolrClient solrClient, SolrConverter solrConverter){
SolrTemplate solrTemplate = new SolrTemplate(solrClient);
return solrTemplate;

Answer Source

Having multicore support enabled currently does not allow to register global CustomConverters. Unfortunately there's no workaround available. I'll take care of DATASOLR-173 to get this fixed.

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