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How to load appsetting.json section into Dictionary in .NET Core?

I am familiar w/ loading an appsettings.json section into a strongly typed object in .NET Core startup.cs. For example:

public class CustomSection
public int A {get;set;}
public int B {get;set;}

//In Startup.cs

//Inject an IOptions instance
public HomeController(IOptions<CustomSection> options)
var settings = options.Value;

I have an appsettings.json section who's key/value pairs will vary in number and name over time. Therefore, it's not practical to hard code property names in a class since new key/value pairs would require a code change in the class. A small sample of some key/value pairs:

"MobileConfigInfo": {
"appointment-confirmed": "We've booked your appointment. See you soon!",
"appointments-book": "New Appointment",
"appointments-null": "We could not locate any upcoming appointments for you.",
"availability-null": "Sorry, there are no available times on this date. Please try another."

Is there a way to load this data into a MobileConfigInfo Dictionary object and then use the IOptions pattern to inject MobileConfigInfo into a controller?

Answer Source

You can use Configuration.Bind(settings); in startup.cs class

And your settings class will be like

public class AppSettings
    public Dictionary<string, string> MobileConfigInfo

Hope it helps!

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