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Java Question

What is the use of the Random(long) constructor?

There are 2 constructors of


  1. public Random()

  2. public Random(long seed)

The description for the second constructor as per oracle states as

Creates a new random number generator using a single long seed. The seed is the initial value of the internal state of the pseudorandom number generator which is maintained by method next(int).

I did not understand it completely. And I did not find any articles/book which clearly explains why,when and how it is used.

Can any one explain please?

Answer Source

A pseudorandom number generator works by repeatedly generating a new number based on the one it has previously generated. That means that if you always have the same first "random" number, and you use the same pseudorandom number generator to generate the second, you'll always have the same second "random" number as well.

The first Random constructor constructs a pseudorandom number generator with a nondeterminate seed (first number in the sequence), so you'll almost always end up with a different sequence of "random" numbers. The second Random constructor constructs a pseudorandom number generator with whatever seed you want, so if you give it the same seed, you'll always get the same sequence.

Here's an example. If you create a Random like this:

Random yourRandom = new Random();

it will start off with some seed. That seed could be 42, 121, 3810, whatever. You can never be sure when you create it. All the random numbers it generates are based off of that seed, and so since it nearly always uses a different seed, you'll nearly always get different "random" numbers out of it.

On the other hand, if you create a Random like this instead:

Random yourOtherRandom = new Random(36);

all the numbers yourOtherRandom generates will be calculated starting from 36. Since the first number (36) is the same, and the second number is calculated from the first, etc., everything yourOtherRandom generates will be the same every time you run your program.

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