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Objective-C Question

CamelCase to underscores and back in Objective-C

I'm looking for a simple, efficient way to convert strings in CamelCase to underscore notation (i.e., MyClassName -> my_class_name) and back again in Objective C.

My current solution involves lots of

, and
operations on NSMutableStrings, and is just plain ugly as hell :) It seems that there must be a better solution, but I'm not sure what it is.

I'd rather not import a regex library just for this one use case, though that is an option if all else fails.

Answer Source

Chris's suggestion of RegexKitLite is good. It's an excellent toolkit, but this could be done pretty easily with NSScanner. Use -scanCharactersFromSet:intoString: alternating between +uppercaseLetterCharacterSet and +lowercaseLetterCharacterSet. For going back, you'd use -scanUpToCharactersFromSet: instead, using a character set with just an underscore in it.

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