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Java Question

Refresh Proguard classes cache

I am trying to make a build with Proguard, but I get:

Warning: my.package.MyClass$innerClass: can't find referenced method...

But... This class doesn't exist anymore. I added the class, made a run (maybe also a clean/build by mistake), then removed the class (and made other changes), made a new run, and now I want to clean/build the current code.

But I can't because the build fails with Proguard trying to find a class that doesn't exist...

I tried to delete the entire .m2, with no success. Any idea what step I should do to make Proguard forget about this obsolete class ?

Thank you !

Answer Source

When this happens, the solution is to run:

mvn clean install -U

It is supposed to force reloading dependencies. I am not entirely sure why it has something to do with the cache of Proguard, but I am now sure that it works.

Find more details here

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