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How to know if a request is http or https in node.js

I am using nodejs and expressjs. I wonder if there is something like

in the clientRequest object. I would like to build the baseUrl for the web links. So if the request was done via https I would like to keep https in all links.

var baseUrl = request.headers.protocol + request.headers.host;

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Edit: For Express, it's safer and recommended to use req.secure (as @Andy recommends below). While it uses a similar implementation, it will be safe for future use and it also optionally supports the X-Forwarded-Proto header.

Edit: My previous answer was incorrect - the API has changed. This is for Node 0.6.15:

An HTTPS connection has req.connection.encrypted (an object with information about the SSL connection). An HTTP connection doesn't have req.connection.encrypted.

Also (from the docs):

With HTTPS support, use request.connection.verifyPeer() and request.connection.getPeerCertificate() to obtain the client's authentication details.

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