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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Retrieve sections from config.json in ASP.NET 5

Let's say I have a

like this:

"CustomSection": {
"A": 1,
"B": 2

I know I can use an
object to get specific settings, i.e.,
, but can I grab the whole hierarchy (in any type - even a raw string would be fine)? When I try
, I get a
result, so I think this isn't supported by default.

My use case is grabbing entire configuration dictionaries at once without having to grab each individual setting - some properties may not be known at compile time.

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Edit: updating this answer for the 1.0 release of Core.

This is possible now if you use a strongly typed object, for example:

public class CustomSection 
   public int A {get;set;}
   public int B {get;set;}

//In Startup.cs
//You can then inject an IOptions instance
public HomeController(IOptions<CustomSection> options) 
    var settings = options.Value;
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