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SQL Question

Multi-part identifier could not be bound but no join issue?

I'm running the below on MS Server Management studio v11.02
However' I'm getting an error saying that the:

The multi-part identifier "PO.LastPo" could not be bound.

Any ideas what I can do to solve this?

INTO #IncludedPoll
-- Inner query makes sure member was actually enrolled for 2 yrs
SELECT LastPo, COUNT(*) AS Periods
FROM [Cye].[2_output_lastPoll] PO
WHERE PO.PollPq IN (1,2)
) A
WHERE Periods IN (1,2) AND A.LastPo NOT IN (SELECT LastPo FROM #FilterPoll)

is a temporary table, which I get fine and contains some IDs that I want to filter out of the
temporary table.

I've looked at other answers around this but they all relate to joins, which should not be a problem here.

Answer Source

You named your inner query A, so it should be SELECT DISTINCT A.LastPo instead of PO.LastPo

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