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Javascript Question

How to uncheck a checkbox in pure JavaScript?

Here is the HTML Code:

<div class="text">
<input value="true" type="checkbox" checked="" name="copyNewAddrToBilling"><label>

I want to change the value to false. Or just uncheck the checkbox. I'd like to do this in pure JavaScript, without the use of external libraries (no jQuery etc)

        <input id="check1" type="checkbox" checked="" name="copyNewAddrToBilling">
    <script language="javascript">
        document.getElementById("check1").checked = true;
        document.getElementById("check1").checked = false;

I have added the language attribute to the script element, but it is unnecessary because all browsers use this as a default, but it leaves no doubt what this example is showing.

If you want to use javascript to access elements, it has a very limited set of GetElement* functions. So you are going to need to get into the habit of giving every element a UNIQUE id attribute.