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Javascript Question

How to uncheck a checkbox in pure JavaScript?

Here is the HTML Code:

<div class="text">
<input value="true" type="checkbox" checked="" name="copyNewAddrToBilling"><label>

I want to change the value to false. Or just uncheck the checkbox. I'd like to do this in pure JavaScript, without the use of external libraries (no jQuery etc)

Answer Source
        <input id="check1" type="checkbox" checked="" name="copyNewAddrToBilling">
    <script language="javascript">
        document.getElementById("check1").checked = true;
        document.getElementById("check1").checked = false;

I have added the language attribute to the script element, but it is unnecessary because all browsers use this as a default, but it leaves no doubt what this example is showing.

If you want to use javascript to access elements, it has a very limited set of GetElement* functions. So you are going to need to get into the habit of giving every element a UNIQUE id attribute.

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