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Angular, boolean value in a select box

I want to set a boolean value to true or false using a select here is my code:

<select class="span9" ng-model="proposal.formalStoryboard">
<option value="false">Not Included</option>
<option value="true">Included</option>

The value (proposal.formalStoryboard) is set properly to true or false but the change are not reflected on the select box when the value is already assigned.

I tried ng-value="true" and ng-value="false" instead of just value but it's not working as well.

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EDIT: Commentors have pointed out that my original solution did not work as claimed. I have updated the answer to reflect the correct answer given by others below (I cannot delete an accepted answer).

For Angular 1.0.6, consider this HTML:

<div ng-app="">
  <div ng-controller="MyCntrl">
    <select ng-model="mybool"
            ng-options="o.v as o.n for o in [{ n: 'Not included', v: false }, { n: 'Included', v: true }]">
        Currently selected: <b>{{ mybool }}</b> opposite: {{ !mybool }}

And this JavaScript:

function MyCntrl($scope) {
    $scope.mybool = true;

Here is a working DEMO for Angular 1.0.6 and here is a working DEMO for Angular 1.3.14, which is slightly different.

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