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Python Question

concatenating 2 list in python

this is what I have. I want to concatenate this 2 list together

first_name = ['Homer', 'Marge', 'Bart', 'Lisa', 'Maggie',
'Carl', 'Ned', 'Barney', 'Lenny', 'Otto', 'Seymour']

last_name = ['Simpson', 'Simpson', 'Simpson', 'Simpson', 'Simpson',
'Carlson', 'Flanders', 'Gumble', 'Leonard', 'Mann', 'Skinner']

for (i, j) in zip(first_name, last_name):
print (first_name[i] + " " + last_name[j])

But there is an error message saying

TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str

on the line with the "print" statement

Answer Source

your loop actually iterates through the elements, not the indices

for (f, l) in zip(first_name, last_name):
    print (f + " " + l)
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