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AngularJS Question

Where do i create or generate a Service?

I would like to know where should I be generating an

angular2 service
? The latest documentation of
says its okay to generate a service inside the
folder, however, some video tutorials that I'm following has a
folder pre-generated in which services are created. I could obviously create that folder but I'd like to know what's appropriate and why?




Answer Source

i am assuming that you are using Angular-cli folder structure. if you are not using Angular-cli than please do use it.

suppose you have Component A and Component B.

Component A: want to use service S1.

Component B: want to use service S2.

in that case you create S1 service in Component A folder, and S2 in Component B folder.

now assume that Component A and Component B want to user Service S3. in this case you should create Service in shared folder.

summary: if you create service which is used by most of the component of your app, than you should create in shared folder. or 1 component using 1 service that you should create service in that particular component folder.

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