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Which control codes have be implemented in the control handler of a service

On this page (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms685996(v=vs.85).aspx) information about the
SERVICE_STATUS structure can be found. This structure has to filled out for the function call "SetServiceStatus".

Attribute number 3 is "dwControlsAccepted".

Unfortunately I have found no information about which control codes MUST ALWAYS be implemented/react to at least.

The page says:

By default, all services accept the SERVICE_CONTROL_INTERROGATE value.

But: Is there not a problem when the service control handler does not react to the control code "SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP"? Is there not a problem when the service control handler does not at least call "SetServiceStatus" in this case.

Thanks alot in advance

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As far as dwControlsAccepted is concerned, there are no mandatory control codes. You can set this value to zero if that meets your needs. Apart from SERVICE_CONTROL_INTERROGATE your code does not need to handle any control codes that you have not specified as acceptable.

For example, if you have not set SERVICE_ACCEPT_STOP then Windows will never send you the SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP control. Any attempt to stop the service will result in error 1052, "The requested control is not valid for this service."

Note that unless you have a specific need to perform a clean shutdown (for example, because you have a database file that has to be properly closed) you do not need to accept shutdown controls either. Such a service will continue to run until the computer is actually powered down.

If you always set dwControlsAccepted to zero, this is all you need for a control handler:

static DWORD WINAPI ServiceHandlerEx(DWORD control, DWORD eventtype, LPVOID lpEventData, LPVOID lpContext) 
        return NO_ERROR;
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