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How to add a reply-to and a from-name header with SendGrid php library

This might be a silly question, but I've looked here, here and here,
and there is no mentioning whatsoever about those simple functionality.

Can I user the addHeader method for this cause?.

Thanks in advance for any help!.

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Without more info about how you're actually sending the email (web?, smtp?, libraries?, etc), it's hard to give you a concise answer. That said, one of these three options should work:

1) If you're sending over HTTP with the web API

You can actually just add two extra parameters to your POST body, fromname and replyto, and send them along with the normal to, from, subject, etc.

Docs here: http://sendgrid.com/docs/API_Reference/Web_API/mail.html

2) If you're sending over SMTP with the PHP library

The PHP helper library (found here) has two helper methods, setReplyTo and setFromName to help you with that.

$mail = new SendGrid\Mail();
     setFromName('John Doe')->

3) If you're sending with SwiftMailer

SwiftMailer is a popular SMTP library for PHP. It has it's own helper methods from Reply to and From name. You can find more info in the docs (see setReplyTo and setFrom)


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