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Array of multiple path is not working in Nunjucks for templates and partials

I'm using this gulp plugin to use nunjucks to make HTML management easier.


gulp.task('default', function () {
return gulp.src('src/templates/*.html')
path: ['src/templates/'] // String or Array

I want to keep my templates and partials in different folders so I tried this to keep as path

path: ['src/templates', 'src/partials']

but it's not working.

Template render error: (unknown path)
Error: template not found: partials/side_nav.nunjucks

My setup
screenshot from my editor


As far as I can see, the issue is in your include. You're already defining your base paths as 'src/templates' and 'src/partials'. Now nunchucks is trying to import src/templates/partials/side_nav.nunjucks and afterwards src/partials/partials/side_nav.nunjucks, which don't exist.

Solution 1

So you would have to include it without the partials part:

{% include "side_nav.nunjucks" %}

Solution 2

If you want to be explicit about your folders (both templates and partials), you could just set you base path to src instead, and include your files like you did:

{% extends "templates/layout_with_sidenav.nunjucks" %}
{% include "partials/side_nav.nunjucks" %}