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Rails 5: partial view with condition and locals

I'm a bit lost in creating "New campaign" button if user has particular role.

In models/roles.rb I have:

class Role < ApplicationRecord
belongs_to :user, optional: true
accepts_nested_attributes_for :user

enum general: { seller: 1, buyer: 2, seller_buyer: 3}, _suffix: true
enum dashboard: { denied: 0, viewer: 1, editer: 2, creater: 3, deleter: 4}, _suffix: true

In controllers/dashboards_controller.rb I have:

def dashboard_1
@roles = current_user.roles
if @roles.any? { |role| role.creater_dashboard? || role.deleter_dashboard? }[:error] = "You are creater/deleter!"
elsif @roles.any? { |role| role.viewer_dashboard? }[:error] = "You are viewer!"
redirect_to users_path

I have partial campaigns/_new.html.erb like this:

<%= link_to new_campaign_path(@campaign), {method: 'get', class: 'btn btn-w-m btn-primary'} do %>New campaign
<% end %>

and in dashboards/dashboard_1.html.erb I would need to render "New campaign" button if user is "creater" of "deleter" for Dashboard:

<% if ... %>
<%= render partial: "campaigns/new" %>

As I have found out it can be done with locals, however I cannot figure out how? Many thanks for any help!

Answer Source

As far as I know you can't render the form with locals from the controller. Is there any reason why you would want to use a local? - these are normally used when rendering partials to pass local variables from one view to the partial, for purposes of reuse. for example...

<%= render partial: 'form', locals: { my_local_var: my_local_var } %>

I think what you actually want to do is set an instance variable from within the controller that is accessible during the rendering process. For example...

if @roles.any? { |role| role.creater_dashboard? || role.deleter_dashboard? }
  @creator_deleter = true
elsif @roles.any? { |role| role.viewer_dashboard? }
    @viewer = true
  redirect_to users_path

and then you can test for that in your view

<% if @creator_deleter %>
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