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Is it possible to get next element in the Stream?

I am trying to converting a for loop to functional code. I need to look ahead one value and also look behind one value. Is it possible using streams?
The following code is to convert the Roman text to numeric value.
Not sure if reduce method with two/three arguments can help here.

int previousCharValue = 0;
int total = 0;

for (int i = 0; i < input.length(); i++) {
char current = input.charAt(i);

RomanNumeral romanNum = RomanNumeral.valueOf(Character.toString(current));

if (previousCharValue > 0) {
total += (romanNum.getNumericValue() - previousCharValue);
previousCharValue = 0;
} else {
if (i < input.length() - 1) {

char next = input.charAt(i + 1);
RomanNumeral nextNum = RomanNumeral.valueOf(Character.toString(next));
if (romanNum.getNumericValue() < nextNum.getNumericValue()) {
previousCharValue = romanNum.getNumericValue();
if (previousCharValue == 0) {
total += romanNum.getNumericValue();



Answer Source

No, this is not possible using streams, at least not easily. The stream API abstracts away from the order in which the elements are processed: the stream might be processed in parallel, or in reverse order. So "the next element" and "previous element" do not exist in the stream abstraction.

You should use the API best suited for the job: stream are excellent if you need to apply some operation to all elements of a collection and you are not interested in the order. If you need to process the elements in a certain order, you have to use iterators or maybe access the list elements through indices.

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