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CSS Question

What are possible reasons for bonfire Assets::add_module_css to not include file?

I have a primary controller located in

that has a constructor that looks like this:

public function __construct()
Assets::add_module_js('gps', 'gps.js');
if($this->input->get('clear') != false){

My CSS file that I am trying to include is located in the folder
. The code executes fine without warning, but the CSS file does not get included for any methods. Is there a configuration setting the may override the assets directory, or is there some other reason it's not being found/added? (The JS file is not being added either. The bonfire base CSS files (screen.css) IS getting loaded fine.

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We found the solution to our particular problem.

The assets/cache directory did not exist. Once the server could write (it must exist and be writeable!) to the [document_root]/bonfire/public/assets/cache directory all was good.