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Responding to tick events during d3 transitions

I have an svg line element which points to an svg rectangle element. When the rectangle moves, the line needs to follow it. Is there a way to do this when the rectangle is moved with a d3 transition? I'm looking for something that allows me to respond to each tick of the rectangle's transition. An analogous thing is provided for force layout simulations:

force.on("tick", function() {
link.attr("x1", function(d) { return d.source.x; })
.attr("y1", function(d) { return d.source.y; })
.attr("x2", function(d) { return d.target.x; })
.attr("y2", function(d) { return d.target.y; });

node.attr("cx", function(d) { return d.x; })
.attr("cy", function(d) { return d.y; });


This can be used to move two elements at each step in time. Can it be done for arbitrary transitions in the absence of a layout? It seems like
could do this if it could listen for a transition tick event, but it can only listen for transition start and end events.

I don't want to set a separate transition on the line element because I need to guarantee that the two elements move completely concurrently.

Answer Source

There's no tick event for transitions, so you can't do exactly what you want. There should be no need for this however -- you can simply add a transition to the line end in the same way as to the rectangle. The code would look something like this.

rect.transition().attr("x", newX).attr("y", newY);
line.transition().attr("x2", newX).attr("y2", newY);
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