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Javascript Question

How can I make the jQuery Mask Plugin display prices with a period instead of a comma?

I'm using the jQuery Mask Plugin library for inputs containing prices. This library is adding a comma in the input price format, but I need a dot for the price. I can't find where this functionality is in the library.

Example: If you write "1990" it's masking as "19,90" (with a comma).
But I want "1990" -> "19.90" (with a dot).

The library I am using is here:

Answer Source

I think you want to do something like this. Check out the recursive digits section in the docs.

You just need to replace the , with a .

$('.currency').mask("#,##0.00", {
  reverse: true
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<input class="currency" type="text" value="1990">

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