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Bootstrap 4 flex grid system only

So in bootstrap3 we had the 'Customize and download' option, which we could download only whatever we needed. Now that bootstrap 4 supports flexbox, I only wanna download the flex grid system of bootstrap 4 and I cant see that option anymore. is there any way to do this ?

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At this Alpha stage, you can toggle between true/false for using flexbox (if using a CSS preprocessor) as per bootstrap V4 Alpha docs

Flexbox support has finally come to Bootstrap. Opt-in to the new CSS layout styles with the flick of a variable or the swap of a stylesheet.

How it works:

If you’re familiar with modifying variables in Sass—or any other CSS preprocessor—you’ll be right at home to move into flexbox mode.

  1. Open the _variables.scss file and find the $enable-flex variable.
  2. Change it from false to true.
  3. Recompile, and done!

Alternatively, if you don’t need the source Sass files, you may swap the default Bootstrap compiled CSS with the compiled flexbox variation. Head to the download page for more information.

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