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How do I handle images in a Git repo?

I have inherited a medium sized iOS project - ~30,000 lines of code - that has an insane number of image assets. Of course we use Git/Github to scm. Currently the images are included in the directory tree and thus gets ingested into the repo, bloating the heck out of it and generally making development a big headache.

We have 4 devs on the project, some virtual. It occurs to me to move the images to Dropbox, refer to them from the iOS project and keep things ship shape.

Does anyone have a comment on this idea? What do you do do deal with image/video/audio files in a Git scm setup?

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I'd be pretty nervous about that, actually; what if you want to update an image, then change your mind? Or what if you need to build a maintenance release with old images?

If this is really a problem -- and I've never seen this actually be a problem in practice, but I'll take your word for it -- why not just use one repo for the images, another for everything else? You can then just be lazy about syncing the image one.

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