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Creating a local notification to fire at a specific time

I need my application to store some

local notifications
that should be launched on a specific time.

My application is simple. The user can book times using a
. The notification is to be fired 2 minutes before that booked time.

For now i am trying to manually insert a time that the notification should be fired at. I am using this code:

let notification = UILocalNotification()

self.timePicked = " 22:38:00 +0000"

timeForLocalPush = defaults.objectForKey("timeForLocalPush") as! String

timeForLocalPush = timeForLocalPush + self.timePicked

print(timeForLocalPush) // this prints for this example today, 2016-08-30 22:38:00 +0000

dateFormatter.dateFormat = "YYY-MM-dd"

notification.fireDate = dateFormatter.dateFromString(timeForLocalPush)
notification.timeZone = NSCalendar.currentCalendar().timeZone
notification.alertBody = self.nameField.text! + " Har bokat tid nu!"


What happens is that the notification is fired instantly after booking the time. Desired action is this:

Current Time: 14:17

Client books for this time: 15:00

Local notification is set to be fired: 14:58

If you need any additional information just tell me. Thank you

Answer Source

initially check your date format it is in wrong dateFormatter.dateFormat = "YYY-MM-dd", it is in dateFormatter.dateFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"

for e.g

let localNotification1 = UILocalNotification()
    localNotification1.alertBody = "Your alert message "
    localNotification1.timeZone = NSCalendar.currentCalendar().timeZone
     let formatter = NSDateFormatter()
    formatter.dateFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"
    localNotification1.fireDate = formatter.dateFromString("2016-08-30 22:38:00")

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