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Modify Debian image for raspberry pi

I need to modify a Raspbian image for use with Raspberry Pi's in a commercial setting. This way I won't have to modify the defaults of every single pi afterwards. I want to set the default keyboard to U.S., disable auto-login and boot to command line rather than GUI. Is it possible to modify an image with these settings before flashing each card? If so, how?

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  1. Make all the changes you want on a raspberry pi.
  2. Figure out where sd cards get mounted on your computer. On linux it will be something like /dev/sdb, on mac it will be something like /dev/rdisk2
  3. Take your pi image, stick it in a computer and make a disk image dd if=/dev/<sd_path> of=~/raspi.img bs=1m
  4. Flash your other cards: dd if=~/raspi.img of=/dev/<sd_path> bs=1m
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