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Is there a way to add Julia, R and python to a single text file like R markdown or a notebook that could be manipulated as a text file?

Stated briefly: I would like to have a text file where I can smoothly switch among R, python and Julia. Of importance, I am looking for a way to run rather than just display code

I know it is possible to add python (and many other languages) to R markdown http://goo.gl/4w8XIb , but not sure I could add Julia. Also possible to use notebooks like Beaker http://beakernotebook.com/ with all three languages (and more) , but my issue with notebooks is that they are not nearly as fast to manipulate compared to what can be done with a text file in an editor environment (sublime, emacs, vim, atom ...). I know very little about notebooks, and the ones I know of are represented as json files, but manipulating a json file to write a report is all but user friendly.

I'm probably missing the obvious, but any other way to do this? thanks

Answer Source

I recently created an R package JuliaCall, and it can be used as julia engine in R Markdown document, see https://non-contradiction.github.io/JuliaCall/articles/JuliaCall_in_RMarkdown.html for an example.

Although JuliaCall is already on CRAN, this new feature is still in the development version on github. If you want to try it, use


to install JuliaCall.

The feature includes

  1. Multiple julia chunks running by same julia session.
  2. Accessing R variables, functions inside julia code and vice versa.

The current limitation is that it only fully support html output.

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