Abderrahim OUAKKI Abderrahim OUAKKI -4 years ago 62
HTML Question

Boostrap menu not appearing on ipad

I'm trying to make a boostrap menu appearing on the ipad size .

I have used the usual navbar snippet from boostrap with some modifications. It is all good on phones and laptops but when it comes to ipad the navbar simply get hidden
here is the link for the top :


to view the problem you can use google chrome console --> choose phone view then select ipad

Answer Source

This CSS rule in your style is hiding it, try to update to the following? I commented out the display: none;

After updating your style sheet, do hard reload (otherwise your browser will use the cached CSS style sheet)

/* Mob Menu */

#mobile-menu {
    /* display: none; */
    width: 100%;
    text-align: left;
    float: left;
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