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Twig Question

Check if template exists before rendering

is there a way to check if twig template exists before calling to render? A try catch block seems not to work, at least in dev environment, and plus, I prefer a check than the cost of an exception.

This class TwigEngine has an exists() method, but didn't find examples on use.

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The service holding the twig engine if configured as default is 'templating'.

Inside your Controller do the following:

if ( $this->get('templating')->exists('AcmeDemoBundle:Foo:bar.html.twig') ) {
     // ...

The alternative would be catching exception the render() method throws like this:

 try {
  } catch (\Exception $ex) {
     // your conditional code here.

In a normal controller ...


is only an alias for ...

$this->container->get('templating')->renderResponse($view, $parameters, $response);

... while ...


... is an alias for


Have a look at Symfony\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller.

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