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Oracle Java code conventions

Does someone know where I can find the document by Oracle which describes Java code conventions?

This URL is not available anymore, for that reason I created new question for this topic.


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One option is to use wayback machine, which seems to contain the document (here's direct link to pdf version). However I would also be interested to find out what Oracle did with it and do they intend to get rid of it.

There's a discussion on Oracle forums about this being raised to OTN support, but no response is mentioned.

Update on 17.6.2014: There's now a forum posting added to the site explaining the following:

Those Java Code Conventions were written in 1999 and have not been maintained since.

The information might not be up to date; links within the documents might not work. That is why the pages were removed. Unfortunately there are other sites that point to that document which were not updated.

To avoid confusions we have re-posted the original document –with an appropriate disclaimer about the information not being up to date- while we clean up those other sites.

Try Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language

And indeed, seems the page has been restored.

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