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How can i get custom ListView data in a ArrayList in Android

I have a ListView. There are 5 rows in the Listview. In each row of I have 2 edittext fields. After I write something to each row and in edit text field how can I get all the data in the Listview as an ArrayList?

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I do it for you. 1000% it will work. If you have list like this... enter image description here

    ArrayList<YourListModel> arrayList = new ArrayList<YourListModel>();
    int totalList = yourListView.getChildCount();
    for (int i = 0; i < totalList ; i++) {
    View view = yourListView.getChildAt(i);
    EditText et_name = (EditText) iew.findViewById(R.id.name_et_id);
    EditText et_address = (EditText) iew.findViewById(R.id.addr_et_id);
    EditText et_mobile = (EditText) iew.findViewById(R.id.mob_et_id);
    YourListModel yourModel = new YourListModel();

After this loop you will get all data in listview as much it have.

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