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Bash Question

MySQL ERROR 1470 (HY000) string %s is too long for host name

I need to update the Super privileges for an account not on localhost in order to turn of binary logging. When I do try to grant the privileges:


It says that the host string %s is more than 60 characters (it is 74 characters).
All forums I've seen for this problem seem to revolve around incorrect quotation marks or using `` instead of quotation marks for the host name, but that hasn't worked for me.

Is there any way in which I update the super setting in another manner?

Answer Source

For host name that is too long, I would prefer using corresponded IP address instead.

Ip resolution is essential for the grant operation to execute as a sql statement, even if a host name is passed as argument in sql, it is to be underlying converted to address first, which could be done independently by nslookup/dig/host.

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