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Git Question

Bower "Git not in the PATH" error

I just installed git and bower via NPM for a project. It's a first time use.

Then I tried running

bower install jQuery
for example, I get this specific error:

ENOGIT git is not installed or not in the PATH

Where can I actually define paths and how, and when we say PATHs, what's the main idea?

Also, I really need help with some good resources for learning the concept behind this question or learning NPM usage in general.

I'm using windows 7, 64-bit.

Answer Source

Install msysgit, as stated in the Bower documentation:

To use Bower on Windows, you must install msysgit correctly. Be sure to check the option shown below:

[ ] Use Git bash only

[x] Run Git from the Windows Command Prompt

[ ] Run Git and included Unix tools from the Windows Command Prompt

After the installation has completed, restart CMD. You (and bower) will then be able to run git from the command prompt, which will fix your issue.

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