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Get AWS Account ID from Boto

I have an AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and an AWS_SECRET_KEY. These are active credentials, so they belong to an active user, who belongs to an AWS Account. How, using Boto3, do I find the ID of this AWS Account?

Answer Source

The following function will get you the Account ID for your key pair:

import boto3

def get_aws_account_id(access_key, secret_key):
    sts = boto3.client(
        "sts", aws_access_key_id=access_key, aws_secret_access_key=secret_key,
    user_arn = sts.get_caller_identity()["Arn"]
    return user_arn.split(":")[4]

This works because user ARN is of the format "arn:aws:iam::ACCOUNT_ID:user/USERNAME". Splitting by colons, Account ID is the 4th item (0-indexed).

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