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PHP Question

Url ends with specific file format

Hi guys i want a way to echo something if the end of the url is mp4 or txt or any other files formats like this

if (substr($url,-9)=="php"){
echo "the url end with php";
} else {
echo "the url doesn't end with php";

but it doesn't work please some help

Answer Source

Checkout pathinfo() in the PHP core as well as parse_url():

Use it with $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] and the PATHINFO_EXTENSION flag. This should help. Then you can use it within a switch statement:

$url_parts = parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
$extension = pathinfo($url_parts['path'], PATHINFO_EXTENSION);

switch ($extension) {
 case "mp4":
   //do something for mp4.
 case "wav":
   //do something for wav.

This works for if the URL has paramters on it as well. would still yeild mp4. Using just pathinfo() would give you "mp4?param=var" in this case.

I've not run this code, just I expect it to work. You may also want to use strtolower() before your extension just in case its in upper case in the address bar.

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