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class & function names highlighting in Vim

I just recently set up my Vim environment from Textmate, after becoming addicted to its modal input.

However, syntax highlighting seems to be not so beautiful in Vim. I code in C++ and since the function call and class names can't be highlighted, the code is more difficult to read. I played with color scheme for a bit, but couldn't find any field that corresponded to "class name" or "function name".

In the picture below, notice how

is not highlighted on the right in MacVim.

Picture comparison between Textmate(left) and Vim(right)

Any ideas how to solve this? It really annoys me as I am so much a visual-sensitive guy.

Answer Source

Interestingly, the syntax highlighters in VIM don't support applying a syntax to identifiers or function names - at least not the syntax highlighters for C and C++. So, even if you do:

:hi Function guifg=red


:hi Identifier guifg=red

it doesn't give these a color. I just seems to be not much more than keywords and constants for these languages.

Here, someone has started extending the cpp syntax file to support method names. It's a start I guess. http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Highlighting_of_method_names_in_the_definition

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