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ReactJS - Using .setState to change nested values

I'm attempting to set the state of a specific element (a checkbox) so that I can later pass this data back to a parent component that will in turn update a JSON object. I am able to set the state of higher level elements but I am not understanding how to access the nested values.

How do I use .setState to set the state of a specific element? Such as[0].checked

I'm attempting to set the state with something like this which would only update
at the moment:

handleChange: function(event) {

Answer Source

It looks like you could use the immutability helpers, and if you are using a numerical / dynamic key, you should look at my question here.

Your solution would look something like this:

handleChange: function(index, event) {
  var data = React.addons.update(, {
   [index]: {
     checked: {$set:}
    data: data

Notice the use of and not for checkboxes to get the boolean state and not the value associated with the checkbox.

This is how you'd attach your function with the i index you'd have to set beforehand:

onChange={this.handleChange.bind(this, i)}
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