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Changing devices boot time logo of android phone

I want to change the logo of my phone.

How do i change the booting logo or my android phone? For example, the samsung logo that comes up during boot.

Answer Source

I believe the original question pertains to the SAMSUNG (or your manufacturer's) logo that pops up first thing when booting, not the boot animation that runs afterwards. The boot animation can be changed, but the initial logo(s, as there can be two or more) seems to be somewhat evasive.

On some phones it may be found by doing a search on logo.bin ... on other phones it may be named boot.img ... on others you won't find anything.

Some devices may have a file called param.ifs - mine does not. If you find it ... this is the second splash that pops up right after the initial manufacturer's logo. This can be modified, as well as the boot animation. Know what you're doing if you want to change them.

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