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How stop refreshing the kendo grid while selecting dropdown inside grid?

Acutally i am using kendo tree view. If i click check box it will create another one grid inside of Activity Column.In that one of the column is outputcategorycode. when ever i am clicking the none value one dropdown will bind dynamically there. then i need to select any one of the value in that dropdown. Once selection is done , checkbox is changing to uncheck mode then inside grid also disappearing that means whole grid is refreshing.

Please have look my Dojo link and give me solution for that.

Thanks in advance...

Answer Source

You can bind the databinding event and stop grid from refreshing. Adding this in databound will prevent grid from refreshing.

 $("#grid").data("kendoGrid").bind("dataBinding", function(e) {

Once you are done with 'doing stuff' you can unbind the function by simply calling


Check your updated dojo with the changes :

NOTE : I have added it in databound of the grid just to show working, but you probably should not do that, since it wont bind other grid data. So add a different handler and based on certain event as per your requirement, disable grid refresh and enabled after event is done.


You can use the onOpen and onClose event of the kendoDropDownList. Refer below:

Bind the onOpen and onClose events to the dropdown

 function OutputProductEditor(container, options) {  

        $('<input required data-text-field="Value" data-value-field="Key" data-bind="value:' + options.field + '"/>')
                //autoBind: false,
                dataSource: ProductData,
          close: onClose,
          open: onOpen,

onOpen prevent refresh by adding databinding function

function onOpen() {
                var grid = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid");

   grid.bind("dataBinding", function(e) { e.preventDefault(); });

onClose - remove databinding

  function onClose() {
                   var grid = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid");

Here is the updated dojo

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