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Why does ReSharper want to use 'var' for everything?

I've just started using ReSharper with Visual Studio (after the many recommendations on SO). To try it out I opened up a recent ASP.NET MVC project. One of the first and most frequent things I've noticed it suggesting is to change most/all my explicit declarations to

instead. For example:

//From This:
MyObject foo = DB.MyObjects.SingleOrDefault(w => w.Id == 1);
//To This:
var foo = DB.MyObjects.SingleOrDefault(w => w.Id == 1);

and so on, even with simple types such as
, etc.

Why is this being recommended? I don't come from a computer science or .NET background, having "fallen into" .NET development recently, so I'd really like to understand what's going on and whether it's of benefit or not.

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One reason is improved readability. Which is better?

Dictionary<int, MyLongNamedObject> dictionary = new Dictionary<int, MyLongNamedObject>();


var dictionary = new Dictionary<int, MyLongNamedObject>();
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