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AngularJs : triggering an event to simulate user action when unit testing a directive

I have seen that in order to simulate user action on the DOM generated by a directive, there are two approaches, both trigering an event:

How to trigger ng-change in directive test in AngularJS

The first approach uses jquery and the second one a function called browserTrigger defined in angular-scenario.js. The second one is supposed to be better as jquery would have a bug on event triggering (which I believe, I am not arguing :) ).

Using the angular-scenario means e2e testing for me. but I have seen egghead video and he seems to do unit testing. How is this possible ?

I guess he just copied the function ?

I think I am going to test directives as e2e tests, it makes more sense as unit test is more fore pure functions.

Well, I just found that browserTrigger is something internal not supposed to be used directly : https://github.com/angular/angular.js/issues/5178


Answer Source

As of 1.3.15 you can use triggerHandler to trigger a event as shown below,

it('should click the element',function(){
    element.triggerHandler('click') ;
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