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Linux implementation of Solaris doors

I am porting some Solaris code to Linux. This code uses the Solaris-specific door functions.

Is there a Linux equivalent? I found a couple of examples but they don't appear to have been updated for many years.

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Wiki says it is an RPC and Solaris-specific at that. On Linux for RPC you can use Corba for the purpose. Googling for "Linux Corba" shows lots of hits.

As portability apparently becomes a concern, first, before the actual porting, converting the application to use some portable RPC framework (Corba probably the most portable) makes a lot of sense. If portability isn't concern then the D-Bus seems has became the de facto standard for the IPC on Linux.

Door's article on Wikipedia also mentions that the mechanism also allows to pass list of file descriptors back and forth. On Linux check man 7 unix for SCM_RIGHTS.

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