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How do I make the annotations look like the current location indicator?

I am trying to customize the annotations on the map, and instead of pins I want the annotations to look like the current location indicator. How would I do this? Any advice would be great!

Answer Source

In general you can use custom annotation object which extends MKPointAnnotation. But if you just need to change pin image you can avoid subclassing and just implement this method

func mapView(mapView: MKMapView, viewForAnnotation annotation: MKAnnotation) -> MKAnnotationView? {

    let identifier = "MyPin"

    if annotation.isKindOfClass(MKUserLocation) {
        return nil

    var annotationView = mapView.dequeueReusableAnnotationViewWithIdentifier(identifier)

    if let annotationView = annotationView {
        annotationView.annotation = annotation
    } else {
        annotationView = MKAnnotationView(annotation: annotation, reuseIdentifier: identifier)
        annotationView.image = UIImage(named: "myPinImage")

    return annotationView

So it's enough for you to find correct image and replace pins with it. But if you want to follow possible changes of default currentLocation image you can reuse default view

let annotationView = mapView.viewForAnnotation(mapView.userLocation());
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